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Justin Trudeau Took His Son To Work And It Was Bloody Magical

So this is why they call him Daddy.

Justin Trudeau has done the most Justin Trudeau thing ever: taken his son to work with him and posted adorable pictures of them together Facebook.

And the internet has responded accordingly.

The beloved Canadian PM and his son Hadrien hung out together in Parliament, and the three-year-old looked -- much like his father -- very much at ease in front of the camera.

Trudeau played with his young boy in the Prime Minister's office, jogged through the Parliament hallways and even held a father-and-son press conference.

The response to the pictures, posted on Trudeau's Facebook account, has been predictably warm.

"Prime Minister Trudeau, will you adopt America? Pretty please! Most of us (1/2) will be good," one wrote.

Another added: "You can tell a lot about a person by how they raise their family. The Obamas had an incredible family, the Trudeaus as well."

One thing's for certain: these pictures do nothing to harm the Canadian leader's wild popularity.


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