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See One Of Cate Blanchett's 13 Roles From 'Manifesto'

Here, she’s playing a news anchor.

You’re probably already aware that Cate Blanchett can do anything.

“Anything” now includes playing 13 characters in one movie.

HuffPost has an exclusive clip from “Manifesto,” a collection of vignettes that channel 20th-century art movements like Dadaism, Surrealism, Pop Art and Dogme 95. Each incorporates famous artistic and political texts, brought to life by Blanchett, who portrays a schoolteacher, a puppeteer, a garbage-incineration employee, a conservative mother, a funeral orator, an avant-garde choreographer, a punk rocker, a stockbroker, a CEO, a homeless man, a scientist, a news anchor and a field reporter.

The above clip features Blanchett in the news-anchor role, reciting a treatise by the late American artist Elaine Sturtevant.

“Manifesto,” directed by Julian Rosefeldt, started as an installation at Manhattan’s famous Park Avenue Armory. The movie version is now open in select theaters.

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