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There's A Slice Of Pizza Hiding In This Haircut And Now We're Hungry

Pizza lovers, it’s time to book a trip to the salon. And a flight.

Kelly Woodford, owner of a very color-obsessed hair salon in Winnipeg, Canada, gave her friend and fellow stylist Jasmine Meadows-Birch the undercut of a slice-time: one that’s shaped and dyed like a slice of pizza.

Pizza Pizza 🍕🍕🍕🍕

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Woodford told HuffPost she dreamed about the look, then asked Meadows-Birch if she could try it out. In related news, we think we just found our new soulmate.

To achieve this cheesy (in the best possible way) look, Woodford buzzed the undermost layers of Meadows-Birch’s hair into the shape of a slice, then painted on toppings and even an “ombré crust.”

But just like a delicious slice of ‘za, nothing lasts forever.

“If you change up your undercut all the time, then it’s not too permanent,” Woodford told HuffPost. “She had it for a week and everyone was obsessed with it.”

Woodford has also whipped up some unicorn Frappuccino hair, and says people have asked her to try other foods. But “so far, nothing as funny as the pizza!!”

Aaaaaand now we’re hungry. Head to Woodford’s Instagram to see more of her magically delicious work.

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