15/05/2017 11:19 AM AEST | Updated 15/05/2017 11:19 AM AEST

Malcolm Turnbull Says Donald Trump is Showing 'Real Leadership'

The top praise comes after their face-to-face meeting in New York.

CANBERRA -- The U.S. President may be down near record lows in approval ratings, cop a daily drubbing in the media (his response: critics are 'pathetic') and have serious question marks hanging over many of his early decisions, but Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull insists Donald Trump is showing "real leadership".

Turnbull touched on his recent, slightly delayed, meeting with Trump earlier this month on board the aircraft carrier, USS Intrepid, during a wide-ranging Monday morning interview with veteran Sydney broadcaster John Laws on 2SM.

Asked by Laws if Trump is a "capable of running what is the so-called most important country in the world," Turnbull responded: "of course. Yes he is. Absolutely".

"He is showing real leadership," he said.

"Look at the way he has responded decisively to the chemical weapons attack in Syria and he has been engaging very constructively with China on a range of issues."

Just last month, the Prime Minister revealed to News Corp he was learning a lot from President Trump, describing the businessman and reality show star as a "remarkable politician".

The face-to-face meeting between the two leaders on May 4 was curtailed as Trump celebrated the House passing the Bill to overhaul of the U.S. healthcare system. But it eventually took place, as planned, on the Hudson River during 75th anniversary commemorations for the Battle of the Coral Sea.

"Lucy and I had a very good meeting with President Trump and Melania," Turnbull told Laws. "They were so welcoming. It was very warm. As I said, it was more family than formal."

"The president and obviously I had a very detailed private conversation, but it was a very warm occasion."

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