17/05/2017 12:22 AM AEST | Updated 17/05/2017 1:25 AM AEST

BBC's Ben Brown Slapped After Accidentally Pushing Woman Away By The Breast

A BBC presenter was slapped by a woman after accidentally grabbing her breast in a bizarre interruption on live TV. 

Ben Brown had been interviewing Norman Smith, the BBC’s Assistant Political Editor, to get reaction to Labour’s manifesto launch in Bradford today

But a female member of the public wandered into shot behind the pair and, giving a thumbs up, said: “Absolutely fantastic”.

Smith and Brown react to the woman interrupting their intervie

Smith politely asked her to leave them alone during the live segment on BBC News just after 2pm, saying: “Yes just give us one second, alright?”

But Brown took matters into his own hands, pushing the woman in sunglasses away by the breast.

She retreated, but not before landing a slap on Brown’s shoulder, smiling as she walked away.

Brown tweeted after the event:

After the original exchange, Norman Smith went on to highlight confusion that emerged after Jeremy Corbyn’s speech at the manifesto launch over Labour’s position on reversing benefit freezes

“Corbyn was asked whether he would end the freeze on many benefits and he appeared to say in his answer that yes he would.

“We now know that that is not the case, that is not what he intended, so Labour will not be ending that particular benefit freeze.

“Other areas of benefits, though will be expanded.”

Bloomberg via Getty Images
Corbyn and members of the Shadow Cabinet at Labour's manifesto launch this morning

Corbyn had made the pledge to axe a Tory pledge on benefit freezes during a Q&A session from journalists at Bradford University. 

But within an hour Corbyn reneged on the promise – which did not feature in the manifesto – prompting accusations of a u-turn.

The Conservatives said the shift in position showed the “nonsensical Labour manifesto is falling apart within an hour.”