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These Healthy Recipes Have Your Winter Brekkie Needs Covered

Perfect for those cold, dark mornings.

If you're bored of the same bowl of cereal or toast each morning -- or your go-to smoothie is giving you the shivers -- it's time to switch things up. And we don't mean a plain bowl of porridge.

Let's talk homemade baked beans on avo toast, satisfying breakfast bowls, healthy pancakes (yay!) and baked brekkie quinoa with fruit. They're warming, hearty and will keep you full all morning.

Here are seven healthy breakfasts to enjoy all winter long.

1. Baked breakfast quinoa with plums and pistachios

Porridge with delicious toppings are great, but switching up the grain brings fresh flavour and texture to the table. Try breakfast quinoa, which is baked to perfection and topped with sweet stewed plums, crunchy pistachios and yoghurt.

2. Vegetarian baked beans

These vegetarian baked beans are rich with tomato goodness, with a hint of spice and sweetness. Packed full of plant-based protein, these make for a hearty topping on avo toast.

3. Chocolate peanut butter pancakes

Chocolate pancakes? Healthy? Yep. These vegan choc peanut butter pancakes use oats as a base, along with cacao powder, natural peanut butter, and mashed banana and a touch of maple syrup for sweetness. Major bonus: the pancakes are made in a blender and done in just 30 minutes.

4. Healthy banana bread

Typically, banana bread is just cake in loaf form -- packed full of sugar and butter. This recipe uses wholemeal flour (complex carbs) and bananas as its main source of sweetness, along with some honey (which you can reduce). The result is a golden, fluffy, moist and sweet banana bread which goes perfectly served warm with yoghurt.

5. Protein breakfast bowl with roasted sweet potato, black beans and avo

This brekkie bowl is loaded with delicious healthy veggies, protein (thanks black beans, chickpeas and eggs) and healthy fats. This will 10/10 keep you full all morning long and give you a massive head start in meeting your five serves of veg a day.

6. Mushroom, pear and cavolo nero toasts with walnuts

These scrumptious toasts are topped with sweet pan-fried pear, mushrooms, slightly bitter cavolo nero (black kale) and toasted walnuts. It's sweet yet savoury, crunchy yet smooth, and ticks all the boxes as far as comforting, decadent breakfasts go. Later, boring toast.

7. Shakshuka (baked eggs in spicy tomatoes)

Tomato and eggs are the ideal match, and shakshuka shows this off in the best way possible. This north African dish (hugely popular in the Middle East) starts with a spicy tomato base, followed by eggs which are cracked on top and baked until gooey. All that's left to do is sprinkle with fresh parsley and black pepper, and use thick cut bread for dipping.

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