16/05/2017 5:32 PM AEST | Updated 16/05/2017 5:34 PM AEST

This Twitter Thread Will Change The Way You Watch 'High School Musical'

'The untold story of the hero, the inspiration and role model, Sharpay Evans.'

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Hey Wildcats, here's something that'll really trip you out: what if everything you knew about "High School Musical" was wrong? Stick with us here.

A Twitter account called @SHARPAYSAVICTIM started a tweet-storm this week, claiming that the much maligned character Sharpay is, in fact, the victim of the film series, not the villain as she's been portrayed. Allow them to explain:

By simply shifting the narrative and focusing on Sharpay's perspective, the film takes on a whole different nature. Rather than the abrasive egomaniac she's portrayed as, Sharpay's true nature -- a hard worker and talented go-getter -- is revealed.

The entire thread is over 80 tweets long, covering all three "High School Musical" films and the truth behind Sharpay's troubled journey.

If you remember the iconic trilogy (how could you not???) it follows the "Romeo and Juliet"-esque stories of Troy and Gabriella, two students who fall in love with each other through their love of high school musical theatre. Over the course of three films, Sharpay is portrayed as the villain, her ambition to succeed and star in the limelight cast under scrutiny.

Luckily @SHARPAYSAVICTIM has decided enough is enough, and has given a voice for what they call "Sharpay Stans", with a community of Sharpay fans rallying together in support.

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