18/05/2017 9:23 AM AEST | Updated 18/05/2017 9:23 AM AEST

A Man Is Suing His Date For $17.31 Because She Was Texting During A Movie

When she heard about the claim against her, the man's date said, "Oh my god, this is crazy".

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A man in Round Rock, Texas, has reportedly filed a claim against his date in small claims court because she was texting during a movie.

According to the "Austin American Statesman", the 37-year-old is asking for the price of a ticket to the 3D screening of "Guardians of the Galaxy", which turns out to be $17.31 USD.

When the "Statesman" contacted the man's date, she hadn't heard about the claim and responded, "Oh my god, this is crazy".

Meanwhile, the 37-year-old described the ordeal as "a first date from hell," as he claimed the woman's constant texting violated the theatre's policies, and affected his experience of the film.

Not only that, but after the man asked his date to stop texting and she didn't, he told her to resume her texting outside the cinema. So according to his report she left, in the car they had driven to the cinema together, leaving him without a ride.

There are conflicting reports, with the man claiming his date used her phone approximately 20 times in 15 minutes, while she told the "Statesman" she sent two or three texts to a friend who was having a fight with her boyfriend.

The man claims that, while the reparations he is asking for are minimal, it's all a matter of principal, calling his date's behaviour "a threat to civilised society".

The director of the film at the core of this tragic date, James Gunn, weighed in on the debacle on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the founder and CEO of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has thrown his hat into the ring to try and resolve things for this modern day Romeo and Juliet. The Drafthouse is renowned for its strict policies against talking and texting during movies.

In a statement posted to their Facebook, the CEO Tim League called the suit ridiculous, but didn't disagree with the man's claims against texting during movies.

Speaking to the Statesman, the man's date said, "I'm not a bad woman, I just went out on a date".

So far, there are no plans for a second date.

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