18/05/2017 9:20 AM AEST | Updated 18/05/2017 9:52 AM AEST

Crowdfunding Saves Kids Newspaper Crinkling News

It got down to the last hours, but it worked.

Jessica Hromas/Fairfax Media
Crinkling reporter Dita Mehta, Saffron Howden Founder and Editor of Crinkling and Crinkling reporter Grace Gregson.

CANBERRA -- Amid intense financial pressure on the media industry, including the loss of 2,500 journalist jobs in Australia since 2011, one publication has managed to survive to print another year. And it is a national newspaper for kids.

Crinkling News, aimed at seven to 14-year-olds, has reached a crowdfunding goal of $200,000 on the very last day of fundraising.

The money was raised over two weeks with the editorial team stating it needed the money or it would be shut down.

Crinkling News has responded to the successful effort, tweeting, "We did it!!!! Thank you, Australia."

Editor Saffron Howden told RN Breakfast the money is to invest in the business side of Crinkling News after proving that young Australians want to read the publication.

The printed -- yes, printed -- newspaper is posted to subscribers each week.

"Our readership and subscription base is growing. We have grown organically," the former Fairfax journalist said.

Crinkling's reporters are young students themselves and most news is not off bounds. It is the way it is told.

"The idea is to strip everything back to its basics," Howden explained.

"We have covered things as sensitive as domestic violence and we always include children's voices in that. We spoke to kids who had been victims of domestic violence.

"We have got an advising child psychologist so we are very careful with the way we present that information."

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