18/05/2017 3:04 AM AEST | Updated 18/05/2017 7:22 AM AEST

Jennifer Lawrence Will Not Apologise For Having Fun At A Strip Club

RadarOnline tried to shame the star by posting a video of her night out, but it's not happening.

It wasn’t so long ago that entertainment media covered every celebrity screw up ― no matter how minute ― with a sense of glee. Every drunken night out, wardrobe malfunction, and hacked photo was meticulously reported on. 

Today, these kinds of stories are reserved for bottom-of-the-barrel publications like RadarOnline, which on Tuesday attempted to shame Jennifer Lawrence for having fun at an Austrian strip club last month. The website posted video of the star dancing onstage at the club and described her “cutting loose like a low-rent gogo dancer.”

But the publication’s attempts at humiliating the actress didn’t work.

On Wednesday, Lawrence addressed the video over Facebook, where she explained how she was celebrating a friend’s birthday and refused to apologize for having fun. What’s more, while Radar claimed that Lawrence was dancing while only wearing a bra, the actress pointed out that it was actually an Alexander Wang top.