17/05/2017 2:47 PM AEST | Updated 17/05/2017 4:23 PM AEST

The First Trailer For 'The Emoji Movie' Is Meh Face, Frowny Face, Poop Emoji

*Facepalm emoji*.

The "Citizen Kane" of movies about emoji is almost here, with the arrival of the first trailer for "The Emoji Movie" which will have you saying "meh emoji", "poop emoji" and "Man in Business Suit Levitating Emoji".

Ever wanted to know the story behind your favourite emojis? Probably not, but hey, they're part of our everyday lexicon now, so why now? I mean if "Angry Birds" can get a movie, why can't a poo with eyes walk alongside the award-winning actors at the Cannes Film Festival.

No seriously, to celebrate the 70th Cannes Film Festival as well as the launch of the trailer the film's star, TJ Miller, parasailed into Cannes to press a giant button and dance with huge emojis.

Here's hoping the words "Cannes Film Festival" and "TJ Miller parasailing into France to launch 'The Emoji Movie' trailer" are forever linked in our memories. Forever.

Neilson Barnard via Getty Images

The film takes the reluctant viewer into the world inside your phone, the world where emojis live. Their species only has one facial expression, except for one little emoji called Gene (an emoji called Gene? Emo-gene?), who has MULTIPLE expressions. Together with his best friend the Hi-5 emoji as well as hacker emoji called "Jailbreak", Gene must travel through different apps to find a code to fix his changing expressions and make him like all the other emojis. But the race is on, with the phone's owner planning to wipe the device before our unlikely heroes can save the day.

The film, obviously geared at a younger audience, seems to follow a very familiar vibe, like if "Wreck it Ralph" and "The Lego Movie" made a compromise. Here's hoping we'll be surprised by the eventual discovery that all emojis are perfect the way they are, and the true spirit of emojis is just being yourself. Or whatever.

The film stars TJ Miller, James Corden, Anna Faris, Maya Rudolph, Jennifer Coolidge and Steven Wright. Rounding out the cast is Sir Patrick Stewart, who was knighted in 2010 by Queen Elizabeth II, voicing a poo emoji.

"The Emoji Movie" is scheduled to open in cinemas in September. Watch the full trailer above.

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