19/05/2017 12:22 PM AEST | Updated 19/05/2017 12:25 PM AEST

Malcolm Turnbull On CrossFit: 'Is This Like A Netflix And Chill Thing?'

We can assure you Prime Minister, it most definitely is not.

AFP/Getty Images

On Wednesday, Australians were given the answer to a question they probably never wanted answered -- does the Australian Prime Minister and his wife 'Netflix and chill'?

"Yes! Yes we do!" was the very open Prime Ministerial response.

Since the federal budget, Malcolm Turnbull has been doing the rounds on commercial radio stations, appearing on Triple M on Friday morning to chat about the Central Queensland region.

The topic of conversation swiftly moved away from politics however when hosts Banksy and Pinky were sidetracked by the Prime Minister's fitness regime.

As you do.

"Hey Malcolm, I was wondering -- look, I think you're in great nick -- I want to know how you keep fit?" Pinky asked.

Among the Prime Minister's fitness regime includes kayaking, walking, swimming, "a variety of things -- you've gotta mix it up but the important thing is to keep moving. Exercise every day and get your sleep".

When pressed as to whether he had tried CrossFit yet Turnbull, most likely still wary to answer with a definitive 'Yes!' since he enthusiastically announced he and his wife were big fans of Netflix and chilling, fumbled.

"Is this like a 'Netflix and chill' thing?" Turnbull laughed.

"No... CrossFit is weight bearing so lots of weight lifting activities. It's really cool," Pinky replied.

Once he knew what CrossFit actually was, the Prime Minister seemed quite eager to give it a shot.

"You know actually that's a good reminder because I think I probably don't do enough weights," he said.

"I do some Pilates occasionally. Lucy is very keen on Pilates."

And so the plot thickens.