19/05/2017 1:35 AM AEST | Updated 19/05/2017 1:38 AM AEST

It's Been a Rough Week, But Just Enjoy This Panda In a Rocking Chair

Listen, we know this week has been stressful. 

President Donald Trump revealed some super confidential information to Russian officials, there was a special counsel appointed to investigate him, and some Australian millionaire went after avocado toast

Why don’t we just try to end the week on a happier note, OK? Self-care is really important and Americans need to take moment to detach from the world.

So here, look at this panda playing in a rocking chair at the Beijing Zoo.

You see that unadulterated joy? How happy is this panda, just enjoying the marvel of a nice day?

Let’s take this as a lesson: find joy in the simple things.