19/05/2017 11:56 PM AEST

10 Types Of People You Always Meet On Public Transport

For anyone who has had the misfortune to travel on public transport, you’ll know your fellow citizens aren’t always the best version of themselves when forced together in a confined space.

Why? Because we do things like apply makeup, have loud phone calls, and fall asleep on each other. In fact the latter happens so frequently rail companies are now training staff to deal with people nodding off. 

A London Midland Trains spokesman said: “All our conductors have to check every carriage at the end of the line in case any passenger has fallen asleep. It is part of our routine now.”

But sleepers you aren’t alone in your bad selves, here are ten types of terrible people you come across on every journey.

1. The public space invader.

2. The fast food eater.

3. The man-spreader. 

4. The loud swearer.

5. The pole hogger.

6. The constant sniffer.

7. The excessive PDA couple.

8. The falls-asleep-on-your-shoulder napper.

9. The we-can-all-hear-your-music headphone wearer. 

10. The impossibly slow tourist. 

The worst offender of all.