What Happens When Women Agree With Men's Compliments?

Next time you receive a compliment from a guy, we dare you to agree with him.

According to activist Feminista Jones, if a woman says “yes, I know” when a man gives her a compliment (such as “you look nice”), it doesn’t go down well.

In fact, Jones believes agreeing with a compliment in a confident manner is a sure-fire way to piss a lot of men off - and it comes down to the expectation that “women show no self-appreciation”.

It seems a lot of women agree with her theory, as her recent tweet on the topic received more than 8,000 likes.

In further tweets, Jones said she has first-hand experience of annoying men through her reaction to compliments.

“They even complain when you say ‘thanks’ with a straight face instead of ‘thank you’ with frilly giggles and fake blushed,” she said.

“I’ve had several men tell me they found ‘thanks’ an offensive reply to a compliment given to a woman.”

Jones puts this down to the fact that women are expected to “show no self-appreciation” and are meant to be “overjoyed by someone (a man) saying something positive about them”.

In response to her thread, other women shared their experiences of facing a backlash after agreeing with a compliment.