19/05/2017 11:26 PM AEST

How To Make To Your Small Penis Look Bigger (From Someone Who Knows)

Author and poet Ant Smith has a smaller than average penis and on Friday, he appeared on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ to tell the world about it.

While the average penis is 5.16 inches when erect, Smith’s member extends to four inches.

The 50-year-old author of ‘The Small Penis Bible’ wants to help men learn that having a small penis is nothing to be ashamed of.

But for those hoping to emphasise their size, he shared two tips.

“There’s a couple of things that definitely work, one is control of weight. As you put weight on, all of that gets buried,” he said.

“That can make up to a couple of centimetres difference.” 

He also recommended using certain traction devices that lengthen the penis, but emphasised that these should only be used under medical supervision and you should not try to create your own traction device at home.


Smith’s key message though is that men should learn to embrace their bodies, including their penis size.

He decided to share his experiences in order to end misconceptions around penis size and remove the stigma of having a small penis. 

“I think anxiety grows in the dark. I spent years and years thinking I am the only one with this problem and by keeping quiet wasn’t letting anybody else with the same problem realise you’re never really alone,” he said.

“Whatever your issue is, there’s seven million of us, there’s someone out there who can identify and help.”

He suggested that some men lie about their penis size, which only means “expectations are skewed” for others. 

“I think men certainly will exaggerate, round up, maybe not answer such questions directly,” he said.

“But when I was growing up it was the received wisdom that average was between six to seven inches. Therefore, when you get an anxiety, you stick that seven number in your mind.”

Smith, who doesn’t like the use of the term “micropenis”, said his wife, Christine, is pleased he’s raising awareness of the topic.

“I use more than just that part of my anatomy in my relationship my my beautiful wife,” he said.

“She’s always been proud of things I write and publish as it’s always been about trying to make the world a bit better.”

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