23/05/2017 12:23 PM AEST | Updated 23/05/2017 12:23 PM AEST

Manchester Shows Strength In Unity Following Fatal Concert Explosion

#roomsformanchester is all about strength, compassion and community.

Violent events undoubtedly bring out the worst in humanity, but these incidents also have the power to expose the compassionate nature of human kind.

Following an explosion at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester on Monday night UK time, locals of the English city have united to help those who might be stranded after the evening's events.

The hashtag #roomsformanchester has started to trend on social media channels, with residents, organisations and hotels in Manchester offering their homes to people who need a place to stay.

19 people have been confirmed dead and over 50 injured by Greater Manchester Police. Due to the serious nature of the incident, people are being warned to stay away from the area. Transport services are also in lock-down, and no train services are running from the near-by Victoria station.

In the desperate situation, Manchester locals are offering everything from sofas and beds, to cups of tea and a simple hug to those effected by the incident. In their compassion, some people have also offered concertgoers rides home, posting the number of seats their car has to offer.

Combined with the message of compassion is one pleading for safety. People under 18-years of age are being warned not to get into taxis alone and to stay in groups.

The reports of missing persons are slowly on the rise. The Holiday Inn in Manchester is reportedly sheltering over 50 missing children who have been lost in the after math of the explosion. People are also posting calls for help under the #roomsformanchester hashtag, in a desperate attempt to find their loved ones.

Amongst the chaos however, some of those thought to be lost, have already been found.

Manchester is known in England as the home of robust, confident and caring people. This, if not already true, is definitely evident on a day like today.