22/05/2017 6:46 PM AEST | Updated 22/05/2017 6:46 PM AEST

We're In Love With This B'ball Coach For What He Said About Childbirth

"You see your first child, you will understand what the most important thing in life is."


Here at The HuffPost Australia, we're big fans of Lithuanian basketball. OK, so that's a slight exaggeration, but we did once write a story about an amazing Lithuanian fan we met.

And now, we bring you more Lithuanian basketball awesomeness.

This you'll really love. It's a coach by the name of Šarūnas Jasikevičius (no idea what the accents do, but we put 'em in anyway), and he's got the best response ever to a dumb question. Watch. Enjoy. See you in a minute and 10 seconds.

If you couldn't be bothered watching the post-match exchange between coach and reporter (whose identity is unknown), or in the unlikely event you're not fluent in Lithuanian, a rough transcript is below.

The exchange came after a finals match, which for the record, the coach's team won. But one reporter was still not happy about player Augusto Lima missing the game to be bedside at the birth of his child.

Reporter: Coach, what do you think about Augusto Lima going away in the midst of a series to attend the birth of his child?

Coach: What do I think about it? I allowed him to go.

Reporter: Is it normal for a player to leave the team during the semi finals?

Coach: Do you have kids? When you have kids, you'll understand. Because that's the height of a human experience. Wow, that's a good question, really. Do you think basketball is the most important thing in life?

Reporter: No, but a semi final is important.

Coach: To whom is it important?

Reporter: The team.

Coach: Which one?

Reporter: Zalgiris.

Coach: You see your first child, you will understand what the most important thing in life is. Because nothing can be more majestic in the world than the birth of a child. Not titles, not anything else. Augusto Lima is now in heaven emotionally. I'm really happy for him.

We're in heaven emotionally after reading that too.