23/05/2017 1:33 PM AEST | Updated 23/05/2017 2:51 PM AEST

Terrorism Charges Laid Against South Australian Woman

22-year-old alleged to be a member of Islamic State.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

A 22-year-old South Australian woman has been charged with a terrorism offence, after allegedly pledging allegiance to Islamic State.

The South Australian Joint Counter Terrorism Team arrested the woman today, following a police operation on Tuesday. Police were quick to point out, however, there is no link between the arrest and the events in Manchester.

Deputy commissioner Linda Williams said the woman, an Australian citizen of Somali origin, was arrested in the western suburbs of Adelaide. The woman faces up to ten years prison, if found guilty of the offence of membership of a terrorist organisation.

"The individual has been charged with membership of a declared terrorism organisation, not specifically planning any attack. There's no known ongoing threat to the community of South Australia at this time," Williams said.

AFP assistant commissioner Ian McCartney told media that police will allege "the majority of her activities were online."

"Again, the matter is before court. But what we can say, there was online activity in terms of her engaging with what we could call CT suspects around the world."

Police said the woman came to attention when "she attempted to travel out of the country in July of last year", but did not give information as to the destination of her travel.

The woman is expected to front court on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday afternoon.

More to come.