People Love This Little Girl Who Wants Nothing To Do With Snow White

Kaylin has no time for smiling with Disney princesses.

The last thing you want while you’re going to town on some macaroni and cheese is a Disney character asking you to smile, but, alas, that is what happened to this little girl.

In an incredible video shared by Katrell Hunter, a young girl named Kaylin appears to be eating a meal at a Disney theme park with no desire to be disturbed. But when Snow White comes by and asks her for a photograph, Kaylin doesn’t say anything and simply turns away.

Kaylin is the queen here, Snow White. And Twitter agrees:

They even feel that they, too, are Kaylin.

And the memes Kaylin has inspired are unparalleled:

Snow White, we’re sure you’re great, but Kaylin just wanted her mac and cheese in peace.