24/05/2017 11:57 AM AEST | Updated 24/05/2017 12:30 PM AEST

Barnaby Joyce Jumps In A Fountain To Help Elderly Woman

The deputy PM got his feet wet after she fell in.

9 News

CANBERRA -- Politicians are often accused of not getting their hands dirty, but deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce at least got his feet wet on Wednesday when he helped fish a woman out of a Parliament House fountain.

Parliament House played host to a special morning of commemoration and reflection on the 50th anniversary of the 1967 referendum on Indigenous Australians. An Indigenous delegation gathered in the Member's Hall in the centre of the building for a cultural performance marking the occasion, but unfortunately one woman accidentally fell into the Pool of Reflection, a water feature in the centre of the hall.

The woman appeared not to notice the shallow and narrow groove between the white flooring and the large black granite square of the water feature, tumbling in. Nine News was on hand to capture the footage:

Deputy PM Joyce was just a few steps away though, and quickly jumped into the water to help fish the woman out. After getting her back onto solid ground and making sure she was alright, the pair exchanged a few quick words and a smile.

Joyce, a noted fan of the famous RM Williams boots, was left to take off his shoe and pour the water back into the fountain.

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