24/05/2017 10:04 AM AEST | Updated 24/05/2017 11:43 AM AEST

Major Event Security Under Review As PM Says We Must Be More 'Agile' Against Terror Threat

Extra bollards and barriers are being deployed to public gatherings.

CANBERRA -- The Government has sought to reassure Australians that security provisions for major events including Vivid and the Liverpool FC match are under review, as Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull declared Australia must be "more agile" than its enemies, to remain safe in the wake of the Manchester attacks.

The travel advice for Australians in the United Kingdom is raised to "high degree of caution". This all follows the UK's terror threat level being lifted to "critical" with British Prime Minister Theresa May warning another attack may be "imminent".

"We learn from every attack in every part of the world and we respond to that here," Turnbull told reporters in Canberra. "All of these attacks have the ability of inspiring others and to do so with similar methods.

"So we must be more agile, more dynamic, more rapid in our response than our enemies are.

"I want to emphasise the absolute critical importance of intelligence. Since September 2014, 63 people have been arrested in Australia on terrorism charges. 12 terrorist plots have been thwarted.

"Intelligence is the key. Knowing about these plans before they occur is vital."

Australia is not following suit with the lifting of the nation's terror threat and will remains at "probable", although the situation is being reviewed constantly and the National Security Committee of Cabinet -- which includes the heads of ASIO, ASIS and the AFP -- met on Tuesday night.

A heightened police presence, extra bollards and barriers are being deployed at major events in Australia -- such as tonight's football match between Liverpool FC and Sydney at ANZ ­stadium -- to prevent vehicle-borne attacks.

But these enhanced measures have been used since the deadly truck attack in Nice in August 2016.

There's also the Vivid Festival which starts on Friday.

A security review, including ASIO and the AFP, has been underway since Nice and, according the Prime Minister, it should be completed shortly and be ready for endorsement by the states in July.

"We would need to harden up places of mass assembly," Turnbull told the ABC's AM program.

But, he said if changes need to be made in the meantime, they will.

"This is not work that is, you know, being done the basis that nothing happens until it is completed," he said.

"This is a constantly evolving, it's a dynamic environment."

The Prime Minister spoke with his UK counterpart Theresa May overnight and conveyed Australia's "resolute solidarity". He also offered the UK "any and every support".

"We will not be cowed by terrorists," Turnbull said. "We will not be intimidated by them, we will not change our way of life and we will continue to fight together, united, to defeat them."

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