The Very Best Of British Humour Shines Through In #BritishThreatLevels

As the UK’s threat level is bumped from “serious” to “critical” and armed soldiers begin to patrol British streets in the wake of the Manchester bombing, Britons have revealed what truly represents a threat to our way of life.

While British people may not always excel when it comes to forced social interactions and small talk, we do have a very unique sense of humour.

And never is this dry wit more prevalent, or needed, than when tragedy strikes.

From substandard cups of tea to queue jumping, here’s a round-up of the best #BritishThreatLevels:

Bumping into someone you know, but don’t want to talk to:

Seeing a colleague outside work:

Queue jumping:

The announcement every British football ban fears:

Changes to your favourite biscuit:

Being forced to meet new people:

Being forced to continue a redundant conversation:

Forgetting names:

LinkedIn requests:

Being offered another copy of the Evening Standard:

Debating how to pronounce words in your own language:

Receiving a Royal Mail ‘sorry, you were out’ card:

Jeopardising the integrity of a cup of tea:

Forced social interaction:

Sitting in the wrong seats:

Going in for a second kiss on the cheek:

Commuting woes:

Running out of till dividers: