24/05/2017 3:41 PM AEST | Updated 24/05/2017 3:42 PM AEST

People Are Really Struggling To Get This Mesh Crop Top Over Their Head

'Excuse me but these are unrealistic skull expectations.'

What do you get when you have a popular clothing item that's affordable and looks great (well, at least on the model wearing it) but has one slight fault?

Outraged consumers and hilarious photos, that's what.

Twitter users have been sharing photos of themselves struggling to fit into black mesh crop tops that they've bought online from UK fashion retailer, Pretty Little Thing and the results are pure gold (if not slightly terrifying).

Olivia Skuce, 21, from Northern Ireland was one of the first to share her struggles with the top, tweeting to the brand on Monday asking why the item wouldn't fit over her head.

Skuce wasn't alone however, with many of her fellow brave fashion victims joining in the conversation and sharing how they looked while attempting to fit it over their heads (spoiler alert: it's not pretty but is guaranteed to make you laugh).