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11 Stand-Up Specials Perfect For When You Need A Laugh

Because we all need to ha-ha-have a good time.

There are those times when you just want someone to shout at you until you're crying with laughter, and thankfully with the advent of streaming services, you don't have to wait for your favourite comedians to tour.

If you're looking for a good distraction or just a brilliant belly-laugh, here are some highlights you can easily stream to put some LOL in your weekend.

"Maria Bamford: Old Baby" (Netflix)

Maria Bamford successfully ported her unique brand of comedy into her Netflix series "Lady Dynamite". The series toes the line between tragedy and comedy at the best of times, a line which she explores even more in her special "Old Baby". The show is, like Bamford, unconventional at best with her performing stand-up to herself in the mirror, her sleeping dogs, a park bench, a bowling alley, all the way to a theatre full of people.

"Louis C.K: 2017" (Netflix)

Fans of his series "Louie" won't have any issues when it comes to Louis C.K. content on Netflix, the funnyman has three specials "Hilarious", "Live at the Comedy Store" and most recently "2017". Bringing his brand of cynical dryness to the absolute circus of 2017, C.K. covers everything from email fights to giving dogs drugs.

"Celia Pacquola: The Looking Glass" (Stan)mnari

Part of Stan's "One Night Stan" series featuring Aussie comedians, Celia Pacquola's "The Looking Glass" was a smash-hit with Pacquola taking the audience on an hour-long journey through "30-something womanhood in the 21st century".

"Chelsea Peretti: One of the Greats" (Netflix)

You may know her from every scene she has stolen as Gina in "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" but Chelsea Peretti's stand-up special truly is One of the Greats. Peretti's brand of dry wit is so incredibly funny you'll want to re-watch it as soon as it ends. There's also something to be said about the meta commentary of stand-up specials showing footage of the audience laughing, with Peretti substituting dogs, elderly men peeling eggs and other random additions instead.

"Tom Gleeson: Great" (Stan)

Another of Stan's "One Night Stan" series, Tom Gleeson's "GREAT" really lives up to its name, with the "Hard Chat" funnyman bringing his best to the hour-long special. Nothing's off limits with Gleeson covering marriage, religion and his wife's obsession with her smartphone all after a quick riff on Malcolm Turnbull dusting his nads with talcum powder ("he calls it Malcolm powder").

"Jim Jeffries: Freedumb" (Netflix)

You might know Jim Jeffries' name from a clip that went viral where he spoke to a predominantly American audience about gun ownership. That was from his first Netflix special, "Bare", which Jeffries has followed up with "Freedumb", a series where he lampoons the American way of life to a packed house in Tennessee. His next special should be called "Ridiculously ballsy".

"Ali Wong: Baby Cobra" (Netflix)

There's something to be said about the bravery of comedians, getting up on stage and putting out all their vulnerabilities in an effort to make us laugh, meanwhile Ali Wong did all that while seven months pregnant. On Mother's Day. Wong's special "Baby Cobra" is all about her impending motherhood, her relationships and the fight for perfection in life, and it's hysterically funny.

"Chris Tucker: Live" (Netflix)

The "Rush Hour" star takes his time in this hour and a half comedy special. Chris Tucker's *first* stand-up special tracks the star's rise from childhood to fame to family man, and doesn't skimp on the laughs either.

"Katherine Ryan: In Trouble" (Netflix)

A Canadian-born comedian who's based in the U.K, Katherine Ryan dishes the dirt on yearning to be Taylor Swift's BFF, Bill Cosby and getting the entire nation of the Philippines to hate her. Not only that, but she uses her Netflix special "In Trouble" to practice the speech she'd give at her sister's upcoming wedding. Lucky sis!

"Wil Anderson: Fire At Wil" (Stan)

Another of Stan's homegrown specials, this time featuring the rapid-fire talents of Wil Anderson. From racism to the perils of being a man with a disproportionately large bicep on one arm, to being almost killed on a Monday morning. Nothing's off limits.

"Hannibal Buress: Comedy Camisado" (Netflix)

In 2014 Hannibal Buress did a routine about Bill Cosby and the alleged assaults he carried out, basically single-handedly bringing the claims into quite a literal spotlight. In his 2016 special "Comedy Camisado", Buress talks about the fallout from his Cosby set, and being known as that Cosby guy after his many, many roles in film and TV.

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