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Exactly Which Wines Pair Perfectly With Which Meals

Shiraz is a match for hard cheeses or steak.

Obviously you can drink whichever wine you'd like with what you're eating. Like Pinot Noir with your baked salmon? No problem!

Though, there is a subtle science to understanding which wines are better suited to certain meals. It comes down to knowing the drop's flavour intensity, acidity, sweetness and tannin. Once you've got those elements figured out you can make an educated assumption as to what types of food and ingredients the wine will work with.

For example, rich white wines like Chardonnay or anything that's oaked will go well with roasted vegetables and carbohydrates, deep sea fish or white meats, such as chicken.

Red more your poison? Medium red wines such as Merlot and Sangiovese are a match made in culinary heaven with red and cured deli meats and hard cheeses.

For more food and wine pairings, find your favourite in the below infographic. Save it to your phone for the next time you're eating out or cooking at home.

Infographic by Sousvide Tools


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