Heart-Stopping Moment A Young Boy Is Run Over By A Car

Onlookers rushed to his rescue.

Surveillance cameras have captured the horrific moment a car ran over a small boy sitting on the pavement in southwest China.

A group of onlookers immediately rush to the scene of the accident to help the young boy pinned underneath.

Chinese video news agency, CCTV+ reports that the child did not suffer any fractures or internal bleeding but did sustain some cuts and bruises.

"We questioned the driver, he said that he didn't see the child when he was driving in the morning," local policeman Wang Jianglin told the agency.

"The accident happened on a slope road. When the driver was driving upwards, he failed to see the child who was squatting in front of his car because he could only see upward."

The child is recovering in hospital.

China's rapid urbanisation as seen 200,000 people lose their lives to road traffic crashes each year, according to the World Health Organisation.

Earlier this month, a toddler in Sichuan Province survived after being run over twice by two SUVs.