This Burger Has A Bacon-Wrapped, Cheese-Filled Patty

It's really something.

We get that there are way too many 'World' days -- seriously, 'Put A Pillow On Your Fridge Day'? No. Just stop.

But there are a few commemorative days worth celebrating (for instance, Chocolate Day, Nutella Day and French Fries Day). And, of course, Burger Day, the day where we can eat the burger we usually eat, but with more authority and less guilt.

And if there's one burger to make this Burger Day, it's this one.

Aptly named 'beer can burgers', this beast of a burger by Delish involves moulding mince beef around a beer can (um, genius), wrapping the patty with bacon (naturally) and filling the hole with cheese, jalapeño and more cheese.

Then you grill that sucker until the meat is cooked and all the cheese has melted, and put in a burger bun with lettuce, tomato and tomato sauce. It's really something.

Check out the video above and follow the full recipe.

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