Can Gay Men Still Say The Word 'Faggot'?

Should gay men use language ― like “faggot” ― that’s historically been utilize in a derogatory way to describe them and other men who have sex with men?

Here at HuffPost Queer Voices, we think it’s important that marginalized communities are able to reclaim language that has been used against them. However, not everyone feels this way ― and we respect that perspective too.

In this new video from comedians Michael Henry, Tom Lenk and Jimmy Fowlie, the trio discuss their feelings about gay men using the word “faggot” through a refreshingly comedic lens.

“I’m a comedian and I think language is important and the context it’s used in is very key,” Henry told HuffPost in an email. “Anytime a straight person says it, male or female, I do cringe a little. Louie C.K. has a stand up bit on YouTube about the word faggot and even though I do comedy also, I felt uncomfortable watching his set... It’s a very triggering word. But since I posted [the video] a lot of people also told me they like using it and feel a sense of ownership over the word.”

Check out the video above. What are your thoughts about gay men using the word “faggot”? Let us know in the comments below.