9 Women Who Give Zero F***s What You Think About Their Armpit Hair

To shave or not to shave: that’s the tired old body image debate still waging war in certain corners of the internet.

Women’s bodies are yet again the battleground, particularly around the armpit area.

While some people believe (quite rightly) that it’s no big deal to go au naturel, others feel rather incensed at the sight of a woman with underarm hair.

Cue trolling, head turning and revulsion. Can someone remind these keyboard warriors that it’s 2017 and a woman’s prerogative to do what she wants with her body - whether she shaves or not.

This ongoing battle is the reason we’re celebrating women who give zero f***s about what others think of their body hair.

Whether they’re standing up to being trolled online or turning heads on the red carpet, here are nine celebrities and body-positive Instagrammers helping to break down stigma.