10/05/2017 5:47 AM AEST

Succulent Cakes Are The New Dessert Trend We're Totally Stuck On

The perfect way to combine your love of the desert and dessert. 🌵

Succulents have been the plant of choice for weddings and other parties for years, and now the desert flora is making its way to the dessert table in the form of cakes and cupcakes.  

Mike Johnston Photography
Baker Jennifer Riley uses buttercream frosting in various colors to create the plants, crumbled graham cracker to create the sand and fondant to create the flowers.

Jennifer Riley, the owner of CAKE bakery in Ontario, Canada, began making these stunning, detailed succulent desserts for her clients in April.

“From the moment I posted the pictures online, the interest and demand for these succulents has exploded. Orders have been coming in non-stop,” she told HuffPost.

The trend is really growing on us too. Below, we’ve rounded up more beautiful creations from bakers around the world for you to feast your eyes on: