This Bar's Sign Makes Patrons Think Twice Before Harassing Female Staff

If a female bartender is being nice to you, that isn’t your cue to harass her.

It may sound like common sense, but a bar in Devon has created a sign to make this abundantly clear to its creepy confused customers.

The Beer Cellar’s sign explains that if a female worker is being friendly it isn’t because she’s flirting with you, it’s because “that’s literally her fucking job”.

Lauren Dew, a bartender at the Beer Cellar, told Mashable the bar put up the sign after staff reported being harassed.

The funny design was created by illustrator Charlotte Mullin.

“We basically just printed it out after we had a very sex-pest heavy weekend about three months ago,” Dew said.

She added that the majority of people had responded positively to the sign.

“People really laugh, people support it,” she said.

“One percent think it’s a bit offensive, which is funny to me because those are the people it’s aimed at.”

A photo of the sign has been liked more than 51,000 times on Twitter, with bar staff commenting to say they’ll be putting up similar signs in their workplace.