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WATCH: Mama Elk Fights Off A Bear To Save Her Calf

Never get between a mama elk and her calf.

A black bear in Arizona learned that lesson the hard way in a scene caught on video.

Footage that Shannon Seville of Flagstaff filmed and posted on Facebook and YouTube last week shows the bear taking a swipe at the calf when its mother isn’t looking in East Pocket, aka “The End of the World.”

“I saw the bear out of my peripherals as we drove past and got excited, so we reversed to take a picture,” she told the Arizona Republic. “I knew this was a once in a lifetime capture and that other outdoor enthusiasts would really appreciate the share.”

The calf’s cries alert its mother, who comes running to the scene. The bear first climbs a tree, then comes down and takes another shot at the calf with its mother watching.

That wasn’t a good idea:

The calf runs off, and its mother follows. Seville said they didn’t seem injured, but she didn’t know what happened next.

“The animals left our line of vision and we weren’t about to get out of the vehicle to follow,” she told the Republic. “I imagine nature took its course, however, it was meant to.”

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