30/05/2017 6:39 PM AEST | Updated 30/05/2017 6:39 PM AEST

Scammer Gets Hilariously Busted Trying To Trick New Zealand Police

"Do you know you've rung the New Zealand Police?"

One international telephone scammer has found out the hard way that trying to trick the New Zealand Police into giving him their details probably isn't the smartest thing to do.

In a recorded phone conversation, New Zealand Police revealed how an individual attempted to deceive them into visiting a website he called a "support server connection of Windows technical department".

It was only when the police caught on to his sneaky game that it all went belly-up.

Check out the full exchange.

"You're trying to scam me, this is a phone call from overseas," the officer said after becoming suspicious.

"I'm not trying to scam you, but how do you know about it, how are you sure?" the man responded.

"Do you know you've rung the New Zealand Police?" the officer replied.

"Yeah..." the man finally admitted.

That was, until the conversation ended on a sour note.

"So, you're trying to scam the New Zeal..."

"Shut up, f--- off."

If one thing is for sure, this will be one phone number that scammer won't be ringing again any time soon.

The post comes as part of the New Zealand Police's warnings to the public about online and personal detail security, particularly when it comes to access to personal computers and financial information.

You can see another one of their other creative warnings about online phishing below.