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Usain Bolt Confirms That Unbelievable Rumour About Chicken McNuggets

The fastest man alive is fueled by nuggets.

Usain Bolt is the fastest man alive. Coincidentally, he also gives the world's fastest toast.

HuffPost recently spoke with the Olympian about his Champagne habits, as part of his new role as CEO ― chief entertainment officer ― for G.H. Mumm.

He regaled us with the best tips for Champagne showers, confirmed one of the greatest fast food legends about him and told us about racing a (cheating) Prince Harry. Read below for the highlights of the interview.

Andrew Toth via Getty Images
G.H. Mumm and Usain Bolt toast to the Kentucky Derby on May 6 in New York City. Bolt said that he and Mumm were a "great partnership" in an interview with HuffPost.

HuffPost: Do you have any good toasts that you like to give?

Usain Bolt: One toast that I give out that my friends always remember and laugh about ― "Just shut up and drink." [Laughs]. That's my toast, most of the time for my friend group. It's something that I always do: "Shut up and drink!"

What's the best thing to do with Champagne besides drink it?

I think everybody lives for a Champagne shower. I think that's one of the biggest things that people enjoy when you're celebrating. The first time that I actually got to do a big one was in Melbourne when I was at the Nitro Athletics track meet. My team won and after that we sprayed Champagne. I think it was the most fun as an athlete I've ever had.

I've never done a champagne shower before. What's it like and what are some tips?

You have to do it. Spraying people with Champagne when they're running around is a really good feeling. Sneak up on them ― that's the key thing ― don't let them see you coming.

Scott Barbour via Getty Images
Usain Bolt of Usain Bolt's All-Star team sprays champagne on the teams after his team won the event during the Melbourne Nitro Athletics Series on February 11, in Melbourne, Australia.

Do you ever get hangovers?

No ― not right now. When I was younger.

Do you have any hangover cures?

Just eat as much food as possible. That's what somebody told me to help soak up that alcohol, so when I was younger that's what I usually did. As soon as you wake up, just keep having food and drinking water.

G.H. Mumm is all about the motto "dare, win, celebrate." What's the best dare you ever done?

One time me and my friends we went to a villa. I remember it was at night and we couldn't see the water over a dock ― the owners built [a dock] out into the water and we couldn't see the water. And my friends yelled, "Yo, I dare you to jump head first into the water." And I was like, "Ah!!" because there was no light out there you couldn't see anything. We were kinda drinking so... [laughs].

Did you get anything for doing that?

Naw, it was just men so we were just "Uh ― if you don't do it...." I was like, "Alright alright alright." I don't think they would build a dock into stones, you know what I mean? That was the only thing that I had to go on.

Do you have a certain meal you eat after winning gold?

As long as it's fast food, I'm fine. I think that's the only time I get [it], because most of the time it's always late [when we finish] so we always stop at a fast food place.

Is it true at the Beijing Olympics you ate around 1,000 chicken nuggets?

I ate a lot. I don't know how much I had, but it was a lot. A thousand is probably right. If I think about it, it's probably a thousand.

You've raced against Prince Harry. Who is your fave celebrity that's challenged you to a race?

Micky Rourke. I'll never forget, it was so funny. I was actually in London, I was coming out of the club. He was in the club and he saw me and was like, "Ahhh Aren't you the fastest man ever?" And I said, "Yeah" and he said, "Let's go. We have to race." He took his shoes off and we raced in the streets. It was pretty funny and cool.

Chris Jackson via Getty Images
Prince Harry races Usain Bolt at the Usain Bolt Track at the University of the West Indies on March 6, 2012 in Kingston, Jamaica.

What was it like racing against Prince Harry?

He cheated [laughs], but it was pretty fun ― he's really laid back and he was pretty fun to just hang out with. And I remember when he came to Jamaica he had a horse that they called "Usain Colt." And then when I saw him a year after he was like, "Ah [the horse] was a bust, he was no good."

Your retirement is coming up, so what are you looking forward to doing the most?

Doing nothing.

What about trying out for a soccer team?

I'm definitely gonna try out, we'll see what happens. But just looking forward to doing nothing, absolutely.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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