31/05/2017 12:29 AM AEST | Updated 31/05/2017 12:29 AM AEST

12 Things Women Should Not Do When Dating, According To Men

When we’re trying to impress someone new, we all want to show off our best qualities, but it seems that the pressure of dating can often make us act completely unlike ourselves.

With everything from playing games, to dumbing ourselves down, men on Reddit have shared the things women think are endearing them to the opposite sex, but are actually a total turn off.

So come on people, let’s just stop doing these 12 things, shall we?

1. Playing games.

“The ‘I’m upset and walking away so you better come after me’ game which goes directly into the sequel called: ‘I looked back and you weren’t chasing me, why the fuck weren’t you chasing me?!’ game.”

2. Pretending to be sassy.

“Trying to be ‘sassy’. If it doesn’t come naturally to you (which is like 95% of women) it’s not funny, you’re just being a bitch.”


3. Presuming your partner is telepathic. 

“Not telling me what you want and thinking I’ll guess the right thing.”


4. Eating nothing on a date.

“Not eating your food on a date. Years later I was told it ‘wasn’t cute’ to eat everything. Drove me up the f**king wall.”


5. Playing stupid.

“Pretend to be dumb. Make us carry the conversation. Respond slow to not look to eager.”


6. Trying to make them jealous. 

“Tying to make us jealous. Sometimes a girl will go on and on about some other dude, like it’s going to somehow motivates us into trying harder.”


7. Making the conversation about yourself.

“Talking about yourself that leads to one-sided conversation where I’m the one asking questions and you do not even try to reciprocate. Maybe that’s just me for being an introvert.”


8. Putting on a baby voice.

“Fake voice. It’s just irritating af.”


9. Stealing their clothes.

“Taking my glasses. I need those to see and they can be fucking expensive. If you do that to me the best case scenario is me irritated and blind, the worst case is broken glasses and a blind and pissed off me.”


10. Being a damsel in distress.

“Act helpless in unnecessary situations. You know what’s even hotter? An independent women who can get shit done. I don’t want a princess. But I do want to treat you like one.”


11. Being self deprecating. 

“Saying bad things about yourself. It’s not attractive.”


12. Playing hard to get.

“Why? We’re all adults. If you want a guy, say something. I have seen so many girls go out with a guy, and then start texting on the date and claim it’s to make the guy work harder for her attention. I’m not good with signs, and I assume most of the male population isn’t either. If you’re acting like that, men will assume you’ve lost interest and no longer want to continue the date.”