01/06/2017 3:01 PM AEST | Updated 01/06/2017 3:02 PM AEST

Hysteria Engulfs Australia As Winter Strikes In A Wave Of Cold Temperatures

Did someone say sub-zero?

DieterMeyrl via Getty Images
Let's not overreact people.

It's a big day for Australians. A new month and new season, all bundled together in the same day.

That new season is winter, the coldest of the four. It is still unknown what came first, the cold or the anti-winter sentiment. What is very obvious however, on this sunny, albeit cold 1st of June, is that people around the country are a little unsettled by the consistently dropping temperatures.

From previous years we can gather that colder weather is synonymous with winter, but the fresher mornings and cooler nights always come as a shock for sun-loving, beach-going Australians.

With Sub-zero temperatures reported in parts of Queensland and Adelaide experiencing a nippy 2.9 degrees overnight, it has become apparent that winter is truly here. In response, people around the country have posted concerns about the cold on social media.

While, by Australian standards, this weather is quite cool, many countries around the globe would call this full-blown summer.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Michael Knepp told the Brisbane Times that experiencing cold temperatures is expected at this time of year.

"It's the start of winter so it's very normal to see what we're seeing now," he said.

"It is the coldest since last winter, so it's a sign of things to come because it is the first of June today."

So that's a relief. All of the cold and the subsequent shock is nothing to worry about. It is just part of the phenomenon known as winter.