01/06/2017 12:34 PM AEST | Updated 01/06/2017 5:12 PM AEST

Matthew Leveson's Parents Call For Law Changes In Emotional Message

Bones believed to be Matt's have been found in Sydney's National Park.

Matthew Leveson's parents have issued an emotional plea for changes to state laws after NSW Police confirmed the discovery of bones believed to be their son's at Sydney's Royal National Park on Thursday.

"They painted us into a corner, they painted us into making a decision to bring our son home and for the killer to walk free and we'd do it in a heartbeat to get him back but our laws have got to change, the victims have got to have a voice," Matthew's mother, Faye Leveson told media.

"We've had to fight for nine-and-a-half years to get to this day to bring our son home so our other two surviving sons didn't have to go through the rest of their lives if we passed and we hadn't found Matty.

"That person, [Michael] Atkins, he could've finished this nine-and-a-half years ago, but he didn't he chose to hide, to hide in Queensland and let our family suffer."

Mark Leveson also sent messages directly to the jurors who participated in the court case that saw Matthew's boyfriend Michael Atkins tried and acquitted of the 20-year-old's murder in 2009.

"If any of the jurors on Matthew's trial see this, what the hell are you thinking? Look at what you've done to us. This you couldv'e sold years ago yourselves.

"And lastly Michael Atkins, to you, you are no longer of any use to our family alive."

Leveson's boyfriend Michael Atkins directed police to the search area during a NSW coronial inquest last year. The area had been previously searched in November last year and again in January, to no avail.

He did not stand in the witness box at his own trial and police tapes of interviews with him were ruled as inadmissible evidence, because police at the time had not informed him he was a suspect, according to the ABC.

Atkins had been compelled to give evidence at the inquest, with the caveat that any evidence given could not be used in any future court proceedings against him. This means it is unlikely he will face any further charges over Leveson's death, even if the identity of the remains return a positive match.

The comments come after Detective Chief Inspector Gary Jubelin of the NSW Police confirmed authorities understand "a human skeleton" found at the search location on Wednesday "to be the remains of Matthew Leveson".

"Yesterday afternoon at 2:30pm, we located what we believe to be human remains. We've now carried out extensive forensic examinations of those remains. It's a human skeleton, we believe the remains are that of Matthew Leveson," he said.

"I cant say that with one hundred percent confidence until we get the forensic examinations carried out but the circumstances in which we've found these remains lead us to believe that they are Matthew Leveson's.

"It's been a long journey for the family in their efforts to find their son and hopefully this will bring them some relief."