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Stuck For Lunch Ideas? Try These Tasty Sandwiches And Wraps

Later, boring salad sandwiches.

You can't go past a sandwich for lunch. They're easy to make, filling, convenient and perfect for on-the-go.

But if you're bored of your go-to sandwich fillings (that is, whatever salads are leftover in the fridge), it's time to mix it up a little -- think provolone BLAT, Caprese and pesto, falafel wraps, tempeh club and fried chicken cheese toastie.

To make sanga time fun again, try these seven delicious sandwich and wrap recipes.

1. Green goddess cream cheese veggie sandwich

Anything with the word 'goddess' in the name has to be good. This delicious green sandwich has garlic and herb-infused cream cheese, grilled zucchini, baby spinach, cucumber, heirloom tomato and avocado.

2. Caprese sandwich with parsley pesto

This cheesy sandwich has a delicious twist -- it's toasted with melted mozzarella and creamy parsley pesto. And you only need four simple ingredients to make this flavour-packed sandwich.

3. Chicken fajitas lettuce wraps

Doing the low carb thing? Try these chicken fajitas lettuce wraps with flavoursome seasoned chicken, sautéed onions and capsicum, and avocado. Alternatively, serve these in your favourite wraps. It's easy, quick and so delicious.

4. Tempeh club sandwiches

No meat? No worries. This tempeh club sandwich will keep you full for hours, with its marinated tempeh, grainy bread, veggies, lemony garlic white bean spread and sun dried tomato spread.

5. Roasted broccoli and lemon falafel pita wraps

These falafel pitas are seriously satisfying and are filled with homemade falafels, veggies and a delicious creamy tahini sauce. Easy to make and packed with flavour.

6. Crispy smoked provolone BLATs

This sandwich is for when you really want to go all out and make a truly mouthwatering lunch, or dinner for that matter. Imagine gooey, melted bread crumb-crusted cheese, fried bacon, avocado, sliced tomato and mayo on crispy sourdough.

7. Fried chicken grilled cheese sandwich

This scrummy sandwich definitely goes in the 'treat' category and, oh boy, it looks so damned good. Fried chicken, ranch dressing, lots of cheese, tomato and fresh rocket. Amazing.

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