This Kangaroo's Wet And Wild Outing Left Him In A Pool Of Bother

The poor thing must have been exhausted.

This kangaroo went on an adventure and got a little more than he planned for.

The Australia Zoo Rescue Unit was called to handle a particularly challenging case on Tuesday, which involved saving a kangaroo from a canal. It appeared as though the marsupial had slipped into the water while hopping about far from his bushy home.

Initially, the Rescue Unit was met with a bit of resistance from the kangaroo, who hopped away from the team's canoe through the water.

Eventually, the little guy looked just exhausted and succumbed to the offers of help by resting his paws on the canoe in defeat.

On dry land, the Rescue Unit treated the cuts from barnacles on the animal's paws and let him rest. Once recovered, the kangaroo hopped off, back into the bush, where he belongs.