02/06/2017 9:42 AM AEST | Updated 02/06/2017 9:42 AM AEST

Four Boys Watch In Delight And Astonishment As Nick Kyrgios Smashes Racquet

Tennis racquet heaven just got a whole lot more crowded.

The Paris Agreement is not the only Parisian thing that broke overnight. Nick Kyrgios also broke a racquet in rather spectacular circumstances as he exited the French Open. In fact he broke two.

Ordinarily, the deliberate destruction of a sporting implement by the 22-year-old Australian would not be newsworthy, such is the frequency with which it occurs. But this was so violent, so destructive, so ruthlessly efficient, that four boys watching courtside were quite captivated indeed.

The first impression of the boys -- particularly the one in the white t-shirt -- appears to be astonishment. This soon turns to appreciation (from white t-shirt kid), as Kyrgios delivered successive rhythmic blows. If only his serve was so reliable.

Kyrgios lost his second round match to South African Kevin Anderson 5-7, 6-4, 6-1, 6-2. There were excuses. The 19th-ranked star has hip and shoulder niggles at present, and has also struggled for motivation since the death of his grandfather in April.

But the racquet smashing was the moment that changed everything. Kyrgios was up 4-2 in the first set when frustration got the better of him. As his mood changed, so did the momentum of the match, just as happened in the Australian Open earlier this year.

So that's that. No more Aussie men in the French Open. And two racquets have ascended to tennis equipment heaven, where they're probably sitting on a cloud hanging out with some of John McEnroe's old gear.