How To Make Healthy Chocolate Pudding Using Avocado

Sweet cravings satisfied.

Satisfying a sweet tooth when you're eating healthily is doable -- and we don't mean have two squares of dark chocolate or a piece of fruit. Think silky, creamy, rich chocolate pudding.

The catch? It's made with avocados. Yes, avocado.

Not only are avocados superb on toast, they are the perfect base for healthy desserts thanks to their creamy texture and subtle flavour.

When blended with cacao powder, maple syrup, a touch of salt and orange juice for zing, and chilled for a few hours, the avocado takes a whole new form -- velvety chocolate pudding.

Top these treats with any healthy topping you like -- nuts, cacao nibs, berries, yoghurt, coconut flakes -- and dig in.

Check out the video above and follow the full recipe.

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