04/06/2017 1:12 PM AEST | Updated 04/06/2017 7:29 PM AEST

Two Australians Caught Up In London Attack, Turnbull Confirms

Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop confirm one Australian is in hospital.

Malcolm Turnbull has confirmed reports two Australians have been "directly affected by this attack" in London, also confirming the terror threat in Australia is set at probable.

The Australian government has condemned the "shocking" attacks on London and expressed "resolute solidarity" with Britain in support for the victims of twin incidents.

"One case has been confirmed and the Australian concerned is in hospital. In the other case, we are continuing to make inquiries," he said.

"This afternoon the Foreign Minister spoke to the parents of both Australians [and] officials will continue to provide every assistance they can to Australians affected by this shocking attack."

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has described the incident as "shocking".

"We stand ready to support the British Government as it responds to these attacks and our thoughts are with those injured and their families," she said.

Bishop released a statement ensuring the involvement or impact faced by any Australians in the attack is a priority.

"The Australian Government and our consular officials are monitoring the situation."

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has also indicated international support after attacks at London Bridge and Borough Market killed at least six people.

Shorten told the ABC Australians need to stick together to act with confidence and vigilance.

"It is at moments like this we throw politics out the window and are united by a determination to keep Australians safe. United by our determination not to let terror run our lives," he said.

"We are united in our response to oppose terrorism."

Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister and Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, Penny Wong, agreed with the Opposition Leader's comments, saying the international community must remain unified.

"Our response to this should be vigilance, but also remaining united," she said.

"What the terrorists want, possibly more than anything, is to ensure we are divided and to drive a wedge into our inclusive community."

UK police have confirmed the death of at least seven victims and three suspects, while more than 48 others have been transported to hospitals across the city.


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