05/06/2017 2:48 PM AEST | Updated 05/06/2017 2:48 PM AEST

DNA Testing Confirms Police Have Found The Remains Of Matthew Leveson

The bones were found underneath a palm tree in Sydney's Royal National Park

Police have confirmed the skeletal remains found in Sydney's Royal National Park are of missing person Matthew Leveson on Sunday.

Official DNA testing prove the bones were Leveson's, who disappeared nearly 10 years ago, according to an ABC report.

The remains were discovered on Wednesday afternoon after an extensive excavation of the park which commenced 20 days ago.

They were led to the site by Leveson's ex-boyfriend Michael Atkins, who was acquitted of being involved in the victim's disappearance by jury in 2009.

Leveson was last spotted with Atkins outside ARQ, a nightclub in Darlinghust in 2007.

The then-20 year old was later declared missing after Atkins claimed the couple went back to their Cronulla apartment.

"We've had to fight for nine-and-a-half years to get to this day to bring our son home so our other two surviving sons didn't have to go through the rest of their lives if we passed and we hadn't found Matty," Leveson's mother, Faye, said.

His father, Mark Leveson, sent a warning to Atkins - "you are no longer of any use to our family alive."

Leveson's skeletal remains were found underneath a cabbage tree palm.

His parents have taken the tree home and have planted it in their backyard.