5 'Babymoon' Destinations So Good You'll Want To Get Knocked Up

Plus everything you need to consider before booking.

If you've got a little one on the way, chances are you've been told by numerous sleep-deprived parents to enjoy this fleeting time before your life changes forever.

And while vacationing while pregnant might be very different from other holidays in your past (sayonara, cocktails) there are still plenty of good reasons to heed their advice.

After all, it's probably going to be a while before you can put your feet up and enjoy one-on-one time with your partner, so why not choose to do so in a picturesque location with a spa on site?

The best time to go

If you have a normal, healthy pregnancy, it's considered perfectly safe to fly during most of it. However, many women prefer to travel during their second trimester, when they are hopefully over the worst of their morning sickness and before entering the final stretch.

"If you want to travel overseas for your babymoon, plan to do so within your first or second trimester to play it safe," Kellie Carty, Corporate Communications Manager for Flight Centre, told HuffPost Australia. "From 28 weeks you need to carry a medical certificate and while most airlines allow you to travel up until your 36th or 38th week (32nd week for twins), this does vary between airlines and routes so always check with your travel agent and consult your obstetrician."

Put your feet up at Hamilton Island.

Before zooming off to Europe, however, consider how comfortable you're realistically going to be on a long-haul flight.

"If you want to fly, keep in mind that, for medical reasons, it's unlikely you'll score an exit row seat," Carty says. "But you can request an aisle seat which will make getting up to walk around much easier and more comfortable for you."

Other points to consider is whether you're at risk of contracting deep vein thrombrosis during your flight (one in 1,000 pregnant women do, with research indicating you are at a higher risk if on a long-haul flight) and as always, consult your obstetrician before travel.

Hire your own villa in Bali.

Things to consider

Pick your destination wisely. For instance, it is vital you ensure your destination is not affected by the Zika virus. It is also recommended pregnant women avoid travelling to developing nations or places where you will need to get a travel immunisation (with the exception of the influenza vaccine).

In terms of leisure activities, it's also wise to think about what you're likely to get up to on your babymoon, as a thriving nightlife or extreme sports may not be as high on your travel list as it once was.

"Look for accommodation with a deep bath to soak in and an onsite day spa. You can't go wrong with those two amenities," Carty says.

Margaret River Bakery 🍩 Dessert heaven! Choosing only one treat was very hard! 🎂🍪

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Indulge in delicious treats and local produce.

"Focus on foodie hotspots either onsite or nearby to your accommodation. Basing yourself in a city centre will open up the possibilities for sampling indulgent meals, while you can also savour world-class cuisines in regional areas such as the Yarra Valley, Margaret River and Sunshine Coast Hinterland."

If available, you might also choose an adults-only accommodation option, to give you maximum romantic time with your partner without the noise interruption of little'uns.

Top picks

Why go:

  • Direct flights from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane mean those on the east coast can get there relatively easy, and once you're there, you can even hire a buggy to explore the island.
  • There are multiple pools, restaurants and bars (c'mon -- you're at least allowed a mocktail) as well as access to the Great Barrier Reef if you're feeling more adventurous.
  • Enjoy a range of activities, from photography courses to art classes to the ultimate pamper sesh.
  • Did we mention the adult-only Beach Club? Yeah...

Choose an adult-only resort for kid-free time.

Why go:

  • East coasters can make the trip by car (for those not keen on flying), as well as being easily accessible from three different airports: The Gold Coast (45 mins north), Ballina (30 mins south) and Lismore (50 mins west).
  • An abundance of dining, pampering and shopping options are situated all within the one easily walk-able town centre.
  • Some accommodation options offer specialised babymoon options, like this one from Byron at Byron. Daily yoga and massages for mum and dad? Yes please.

Why go:

  • Always a popular choice with Aussies, Bali is a great destination for west and east coasters alike, with relatively inexpensive flights available from capital cities around the country.
  • Accommodation options range from budget to the height of luxury, making it an accessible destination for most. (Though we say why not go the whole hog and hire a villa? Check out some droolworthy options here.)
  • Add incredible shopping, luxurious spa experiences and some of the world's best restaurants to the mix, and Bali becomes so much more than just an island getaway.

Sometimes you just need to sit back, relax, slow down and enjoy the moment. 😊✨💦 #FijiHappy

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Why go:

  • Speaking of island getaways, it's hard to go past Fiji as a tempting babymoon destination. With multiple island resorts at your fingertips catering to every whim (including adult-only), there's bound to be something for everyone.
  • Those not keen on venturing past the mainland similarly have plenty of choice when it comes to accommodation and experiences, including the famed Coral Coast.
  • 'Fiji time' means no one is going to rush you anywhere, and you can relax guilt-free with a book and a coconut in hand.

Unwind with a room with a view in New Zealand.

Why go:

  • The perfect option for those not keen on beach time, New Zealand has the views, pampering and cuisine ideally suited for a pregnant pause. And with one easy flight to get there, you could even duck off for a weekend.
  • Many places offer weekend pampering packages ideal for expecting parents to put their feet up, such as this one at Matakauri Lodge or this babymoon package at Takou River.
  • Or why not hire a car and soak in New Zealand's cliff-hugging roads and breathtaking views with some long, meandering drives... without a screaming baby in the back.

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