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Pigs Are Flying And Piers Morgan Actually Apologised To Ariana Grande

Morgan criticized Grande on Twitter following the Manchester attack.

Pigs are flying, the temperatures in hell are subzero, and Piers Morgan actually admitted he was wrong. Literally anything can happen in 2017, folks.

After a terror attack at Ariana Grande’s Manchester concert claimed the lives of 22 people in May, the British TV presenter did as he is wont to do, i.e. stuck his foot in his mouth on social media. Instead of showing *gulp* actual human empathy, Morgan criticized the pop star for not visiting the victims in the hospital and flying home to be with family.

Of course, Grande not only returned to the city to surprise and sit with her injured fans, but she also hosted the benefit concert One Love Manchester, which raised over $3 million dollars for British Red Cross’ Manchester Emergency Fund.

The 23-year-old, along with a slate of performers, including Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Coldplay, took the stage with a message of love and unity a day after another attack in the heart of London.

“I thought Ariana Grande was wrong to fly off after #ManchesterAttack. But tonight she’s putting on a fabulous show,” Morgan wrote on Sunday.

“I misjudged you & I apologise. You’re an admirable young woman & this is a magnificent night. Respect,” he added in another tweet, alongside a photo of Grande embracing a choir girl who performed with her at the show.

Many were quick to react on social media to Morgan’s admission of wrongdoing, considering his track record for spouting off controversial and damaging opinions with zero remorse.

One apology down, so many more to go.

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