06/06/2017 5:37 PM AEST | Updated 06/06/2017 8:45 PM AEST

British MP's Campaign Video Is All Kinds Of Awkward Strangeness

It’s been a weird and wonderful General Election campaign but we think we may just have found the most bizarre video yet.

Sitting East Yorkshire MP Greg Knight has produced an absolute belter of a campaign video, complete with shaky camera work.

It’s basically a bingo sheet of Tory election phrases, including “coalition of chaos” and “strong and stable”.

Then there’s the 80s-tastic jingle.

Flying Colours via Getty Images
Greg Knight has produced probably the most bizarre video of the election so far

It promises: “You’ll get accountability/with Conservative delivery.

“Make sure this time you get it right/vote for Greg Knight.”

Honestly, you’ll be humming it for days.

Yes, on first watching you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a spoof, but the video is featured on Knight’s official website so it would appear to be genuine.

For those who particularly enjoy the jingle, you’ll be pleased to hear, he actually it’s not his only one...

The Eurosceptic MP is nicknamed “Silent Knight”, a named coined to mark his Commons debating record – or the lack of it – while he was MP for Derby North, according to the Hull Daily Mail.