07/06/2017 10:22 AM AEST | Updated 07/06/2017 11:15 AM AEST

Live Donkey Fed To Tigers In Chinese Zoo Following Financial Dispute

Angry investors pushed the animal to its death in a "fit of rage".

Furious investors pushed a donkey into the tigers' den.

Most financial disputes involve calculators, lawyers and possibly some heated discussion over double-entry bookkeeping -- but an angry dispute with zoo investors in China has ended very differently.

Zoo stakeholders have pushed a live donkey into a tiger enclosure following a management meeting gone wrong.

Pictures and a video released through LiveLeak show the donkey helplessly trying to escape the grip of two tigers as they paw and gnaw at its head and back.

Changzhou Zoo said the investors tossed the animal into the tiger enclosure in "a fit of rage".