07/06/2017 11:19 PM AEST | Updated 07/06/2017 11:19 PM AEST

The British PM Just Revealed The Naughtiest Thing She's Ever Done

Turns out Theresa May was a bit of a wild child.

Twitter / @lexkitching

Whoever said the British were a bit stuffy and hoity-toity clearly hasn't met the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May.

In a recent interview with ITV News, the leader of the Conservative Party was asked what the naughtiest thing she had ever done was -- and boy did she have a confession to make.

"I have to confess when me and my friends used to run through the fields of wheat the farmers weren't too pleased about that," May said.

People were shocked by May's revelation and took to Twitter to express their disbelief in the Prime Minister's sordid past.