07/06/2017 3:47 PM AEST | Updated 07/06/2017 3:48 PM AEST

The Moment Canadian House Intruder Stops And Asks For A Coffee

The capp burglar.

It seems people will do anything these days for a caffeine hit.

A Canadian woman woke in her home in Unity, Saskatchewan around 6.30am on Saturday to a stranger hovering in her doorway.

The woman, already taken aback by the appearance of a stranger in her house, was even more surprised when the male asked her to get him a cup of coffee.

The woman quickly snapped a photo of the older man, before locking herself in the bathroom and calling the police.

Police confirmed the intruder stole both money and alcohol before leaving the property. He was later caught speeding on Yellowhead Highway with a ladder hanging out the boot of the car.

The man has been identified as John Nathanial Porter, 62 and now faces multiple charges.

All for a cup of coffee!